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The SECRET FACTS About Self Esteem That Will Boost Your Personality

FIRST, What Is SELF ESTEEM? SELF ESTEEM Is Define As The General, Total And Overall Believes, Opinions, Concepts And Knowledge One Has About His/her Personality, In Regard To His/her Personal Values, Worths And Weaknesses. It Is The Relationship Between One's Real Self And One's Ideal Self. Inotherwords, It Is the Extend A Person Evaluates The Componets of his/her Self, Which Including All His/her Believes And Emotional Feelings About His/her Personality(Personal Abilities And Weakness). E.g: Feeling Proud, Ashamed, Confident, Happy, Sad, Insecure, etc About His/her Personality. FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE SELF ESTEEM: This Self Esteem Is Usually Affected Or Determined By Some Factors Which Includes: How People React To Us, Roles And Status Of A Person In The Society, Family Background, Peer Groups, The Relationship And Attitudes Of Teachers To The Student, Disaster, Personal Expirence At Working Place Like Humiliation, Promotion, Disappointment etc. This Individual Regards Of People About Their Personality Are Classified Into Two Categories: High Self Esteem & Low Self Esteem. High Self Esteem As The Name Impiles, Is When A Person Has A High Personal Value About His/her Abilities And Also, Accept To Live With His/her Weakness. These Kind Of People Always Have Self Confidence And Feel Happy And Secured In They Inner Life And Any Relationship They’re Into. They Have Self Respect And Respect For Others, They Are Not Afraid To Bring Out The Best In Them, They Have Self Satisfaction. They’re Usually Excelling In Their Academics, Works ,etc. These People Believe That They Are Brilliant, Genius, Unique, Special Etc.. Low Self Esteem{INFERIORITY COMPLEX}: This Class Of People Are Alway Believing, Seing And Regarding Themselves As An Abnormal, Worthless, Unintreseted, Weak, Useless Persons. These People Always Believe To Be Naturally Destined To Be Failures. They Are Usually Afraid To Bring Out The Best In Them Because They Believe They Will Fail, And They Don’t Want To Fail. They’re Insecure, Ungreatful And Sad About They Life And In Any Relationship Or Organisation They Are Into. They Don’t Have Self Respect And In Some Cases, They Don’t Respect Others. They’re Afraid Of Socializing With Others. They Always Say Something Like: I Know Am Not Good Enough, Am Not Strong To Compete With Them, Am Not Beautiful/Handsome Like Jen Or Joe, Am A Fool/Curse, Am Ignorant By Nature, etc. This People Are Usually: From Broken Homes, Orphans, Influenced By Peer Groups, Having Low Financial Status, Jobless..etc. THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS: This Poor Emotional Feelings And Personal Beliefs Can Cause Many Pains, Disappointments, Lack Of Trust In Relationships Or Marriage, Fustrations, Humilation etc. Infact, It Can Change The Way A Person Views His/her Self In The World. And This Can Make The Person To Act Violently To People Around Him/her, Engage In Crimes And So Many Other Painful Disadvantages. Now With All The Knowledge We Have Gather In This Post, Ask Yourself This Question "Of What Value Is Self Esteem To Me If I Don't Know My Values And Worths? Definately, It Is Of No Use! Click HERE To Read About The Most Effective Ways Of Improving Your Self Esteem Click HERE

Thank's for reading my article The SECRET FACTS About Self Esteem That Will Boost Your Personality
Posted At 2016-10-29 19
Exclussive And Ultimate Definition Of Self Esteem

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Comments: The SECRET FACTS About Self Esteem That Will Boost Your Personality
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MD.Shameem Mridha
2018-04-12 06

<a href = "">MD.Shameem Mridha</a>
Thank you, I’ve just been searching for information about this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered till now.

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MD.Shameem Mridha
2018-04-10 11

<a href = "">MD.Shameem Mridha</a>
Blog Post is very helpful, thanks to share this valuable information.

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MD.Shameem Mridha
2018-03-15 11

<a href = "">MD.Shameem Mridha</a>
Blog Post is very helpful , thanks to share this valuable information.



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